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In the past year, we have all experienced a tremendous shift in what we consider to be normal - how we work, shop, socialize, and worry about the health of ourselves and loved ones. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused major changes in the way the world does business, and Sunset Hills Foliage has not been spared from this challenge.  We are still open and operating just as we have done since 1975, but, like everyone else, we have had to transform our company to keep up with the current pandemic workplace.  

We wanted to take a moment to assure our clients that all Sunset Hills Foliage employees are taking the necessary precautions to protect ourselves and our clients from this disease in accordance with CDC guidelines. This includes receiving the COVID-19 vaccination, wearing masks, frequent hand washing, keeping socially distant from others, and complying with all check-in procedures at sites.


We also wanted to encourage our clients to share their experiences with our company during the pandemic. Is there something we can do to help you through this time?  Is there a new look or style you would like to see at your site? Do you need help in planning re-installation of your plants when your tenants return? Are you interested in biophilic designs to create social distancing? We can arrange in-person, phone or virtual meetings to address any of your needs. 


We appreciate your continued business and are looking forward to helping you achieve a healthy and beautiful look in your buildings. Please contact us if you need anything! 



Sunset Hills Foliage 

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